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PosterA clever send up of the UFO genre based on Brandon Scott's real life escapades as he explores the UFO subculture with a biting edge and wit. Brandon plays a parody of himself, which takes us on a wild ride that at times seems like a cross between X-Files and Spinal Tap. Follow Brandon as he cleverly navigates his way through the world of Hollywood Celebrities, UFO Abductees and Alien/Human Hybrids while dogging a shadow government agent bent on stopping his findings. This offbeat and quirky sci-fi hybrid film is sprinkled with real icons from the UFO community and actual people claiming to be abductees and alien/human hybrids. With over twenty original songs, real UFO footage and daring subject matter, this provocative film is sure to be a cult sensation.


This unusual subject matter is presented with wry humor including original songs and real UFO footage and it's sure to be a cult fave." - Marci Marks Studio City Sun ”Alien Secrets” The Spinal Tap of UFOS” acclaimed to become a cult sensation, cleverly weaves fact and fiction in an epic portrayal of one man’s quest to save humanity. Based on the journals and research of a real UFO investigator named Brandon Scott. See more at