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EBE Award

Awarded The Best Feature Film Award at The International UFO Congress Film Festival held in Rosewell during the 60th Anniversary Celebration.

Galaxy 8

Ayers Baxter one of the writers of the film and who also played the "Boss" in Alien Secrets with fans of the movie in Roswell.

July 7th 2007 "Alien Secrets" premiered at
The Allen Theatres Galaxy 8
as a special tribute to
Roswell's 60th Anniversary.

Over 60,000 people attended the
Roswell Festivities

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Alien Secrets

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”Alien Secrets” The Spinal Tap of UFOS” acclaimed to become a cult sensation, cleverly weaves fact and fiction in an epic portrayal of one man’s quest to save humanity. Based on the journals and research of a real UFO investigator , “Alien Secrets”  takes you on an  E-Ticket adventure ride inside your  emotions.
Laugh, as you follow the traumatic quests of a larger than life Hollywood
celebrity journalists turned UFO hunter.

Considered a new type of  “Hybrid” film, this controversial Independent film was actually shot during a real life investigation.  Be shocked at the actual real life UFO secrets caught on film hidden inside the story.

"Alien Secrets” weaves Sci-Fi and reality in an
epic portrayal of ones man’s search for an Alien/Human/Hybrid
and his drive to save humanity.

Based on his real life escapades as a UFO Investigator, Brandon Scott plays a parody of himself as he explores the UFO subculture with a biting edge and wit; while dogging a shifty shadow government agent bent on stopping his findings.

With real footage of UFOs and actual underground encounters, follow Brandon as he cleverly navigates his way through the world of Hollywood celebrities, renown experts in the UFO community and how he uncovers the truth about actual people claiming to be abductees and alien/human hybrids.

The difference between this edition and the Warner Home Entertainment version on Amazon is that this edition has the special Roswell 60th Anniversary Commemorative Jacket.This is from the poster posted all around   Roswell during the historic 60th Anniversary when Alien Secrets had it’s Galactic Premiere at
the Galaxy 8 Allan Theatres on July 7th 2007 as a tribute to the festivities.
This is the very first publishing of this edition.
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Additionally Brandon Scott, starring as UFOMAN in the film will personally autograph it for you. You may choose to have it addressed to your name by making such request at the time of your purchase or by emailing with your purchase receipt confirmation. 

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July the 10th 2007
Alien Secrets premiered on
Pay Per View , distributed by
Warner Home Entertainment
for a one time nationwide
summer release.Brandon Scott "UFOMAN' and guest.
777 Premiere Party at the UFO CAFE.


Alien Secrets The Movie Roswell Commemorative